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Issues often come from contractors being late, building plans not matching the constructed building, inspectors having issues with the way things are approached, etc. Used Metal Buildings for Sale by Owner - Browse Hundreds of Used Metal Buildings and Steel Building Kits for Sale in Your State, or List Your Building with Us! Our buildings are fabricated in state of the art manufacturing facilities that utilize modern technology and equipment to produce the highest quality steel buildings available. For an example, if you wanted a 30x50x10 multi-use steel building kit, that same building may be used for a … What can we design for you today? Buying one of our steel buildings for sale means you’ll have easy access to stored items, and our prefab metal building kits can be used to hold many things. Read More… Newsletter Subscription. Our durable prefab building kits come standard with a 40-year finish warranty on the walls and a 20-year galvalume warranty on the roof. Red Iron metal buildings are a type of steel building kit. They can range from a small straight wall steel buildings kit of 10 feet wide, to a massive 100k square foot warehouse and hundreds of feet wide and long. Steel Building Kits Titan Steel Structures offers the highest quality steel building kits in the industry. Some of our Olympia steel buildings are virtually maintenance-free, corrosion resistant and energy efficient. In many cases, such as with quonset hut kits, building kit walls can be bolted together without any special equipment or experience. This design is easier to build than a traditional building, but you need more equipment and expertise when compared to the arch style. Flat steel panels are used for the walls and the roof and they have a steel skeleton frame. ft. It uses various panels as roofs and walls and with doors, windows, and other components to create a complete building system. To help with insulation, get insulated doors and double-pane windows. Today we use modern building materials, finishing options, and insulation to construct these structures. Some important considerations for first time buyers is that we have the experience to guide customers through the initial steel building system planning stages for anything from basic structures to complex commercial buildings. Quonset Arch Steel Buildings offer extreme versatility and ease of assembly. As affiliates of these networks we sometimes receive monetary compensation for facilitating the shopper/seller connection. If you have a clearspan building this doesn’t have interior columns and it can be around 150′ wide. Steel buildings cost anywhere from $5-$10 per sq ft for the building kit components. These buildings are able to reduce construction costs first by taking advantage of mass-production in a factory. If so, our custom engineered steel buildings are for you! Ends included, man door included. The building codes for energy are now more stringent and you’ll need extra insulation. Local building codes and impact prices to a large extent. Birds are unable to roost in a steel building minimizing damage to equipment and the spread of avian influenza in buildings used to house livestock. Kits That Go Up in a Weekend Whether you're a homeowner adding a shop to your property, a classic car collector in need of a garage or a farmer needing a barn for equipment storage, prefab steel building kits are an affordable & economical solution. Modular commercial steel buildings can be over 1000′ but inside there are metal columns. People often overlook this part of the building process, but it’s a big one. Quonset Hut Kits Whether you’re looking for a garage, workshop, storage building, barn, or more, arch style steel Quonset Hut kits can meet your needs and are a great investment. Call now and let's get started. The best way to verify a provider is to speak with a reference from the company. Pole Barns. Cold-formed Steel Building Kits At Viking Steel Structures, you will find a plethora of cold-formed Steel Building Kits as per your needs. A Variety of Uses for Your Steel Building, Olympia Delivers in Partnership with City of Toronto. You will meet new energy codes and save on energy bills. Garages. The steepest for steel building is usually 4:12. Steel buildings can be energy-efficient buildings, too. Olympia steel buildings are virtually maintenance-free. The price of steel fluctuates causing the price of a steel building to change, as well. A walk door for pedestrians is also other extra that you may need. Contact us. We often use this design for retail spaces, mini storage, airplane hangars, churches, or office warehouses. What kind of Steel Buildings do you have on Clearance? A single slope construction has one wall side which is higher than the other. Quonset hut buildings were first manufactured by the US Navy. Backyard Series. View Carports. Olympia Steel Buildings Canada in Partnership with Studio City Toronto and the City of Toronto delivers two of the largest… [Read More…], Steel is among the strongest, most durable and most versatile materials available for building construction. If you plan on loading and unloading materials or trucks, you will want to include a larger truck-sized door. View Pole Barns. Suitable for a variety of purposes from farming to commercial, this building style has become popular as a DIY garage or workshop building. Steel building kits are a cost-effective, efficient way for you to get the extra space you need for your home or business in the form of a strong, durable, easy to assemble building. Were the deliveries on time and complete? Proudly Serving all U.S. States & Territories. Metal Building Kits Styles So almost every metal kit we sell could be categorized as a “multi-use steel building kit” although people request them for a variety of uses. The roof slants from the high wall to the lower wall. You do have some decisions to make with your construction project so you can avoid some of the pitfalls that occur when you use steel buildings. There are upgrades and add-ons that can turn your simple building into something else such as a multi-functional shop. This will include construction, materials, foundation, and delivery. It’s an economical option for both large commercial buildings like warehouses, and smaller residential construction. A vapor barrier can also protect the walls and roof more condensation so you might also want to install that. Below are a few of the main reasons steel building kits have become so popular over the years and why they may be the right option for you. Remember that with Peak Steel, you don’t just get a building kit. Each kit comes with all the accessories you'll need as well as detailed installation information. As there is increased competition in the marketplace, labor costs may be lower. We have been using metal to build structures for a long time. Raw material prices will also go up and down frequently which can impact prices. The building will have solid soundproofing and resale value. Steel buildings make great investments. Show Details . A 20′ x 20′ garage could cost 6,000, or $15/sq. The costs are charged by the hour so if the building is more complex, the costs will rise. As a buyer, you probably only want to work with one company, so the project is simplified. If you don’t have a qualified contractor, they can locate one for you in your area. A basic rigid-frame steel building runs around $12-$20 per square foot. Steel Building Kits are a new type of building structure system. Prefabricating our steel buildings ahead of time is the primary reason why our building system can save you up to 50% when compared to the cost of traditional construction methods. Quonset arch steel buildings manage widths of 10 to 100+ feet wide and unlimited lengths. These prefabricated metal storage containers are an economical and easy solution to your storage needs. Take advantage of this opportunity today. These come in a variety of forms but most commonly you’ll see arch-style or Quonset buildings, I-Beam straight wall buildings (aka, red iron buildings), or light weight frame buildings like c-channel buildings. Cosmetic add-ons are going to be next. If you don’t have experience with managing or planning a construction project get a GC if you don’t already have one that you already work with. Our steel building kits can be customized. With an industry-leading strength to… [Read More…], Steel structures are known for their unparalleled durability, but can they withstand the toughest tests Canadian weather has to offer?… [Read More…]. When you have an arch style building there is no distinction between the walls and sides as they act as both together. Built on Service. They feature heavy-gauge columns which often oxidize, or are painted with a Red Oxide coating. You choose the exterior siding, the options and accessories, the roof pitch and style, the door and window styles and placement— everything. The cost for the foundation is usually a standard amount at around $4-$7 per square foot for the poured concrete. The maximum for the roof is R-38 or 12 inches and the walls are R-19 or 6 inches. We use the same rating for commercial buildings and residential construction which is -7 is equivalent to 2” of insulation, and R-19 is 6”. SEE WHAT'S POSSIBLE WITH STEEL BUILDINGS. You might be able to choose the pitch for the roof. We love to design and build. With a prefab steel buildings kit, you know what you’re getting into, the building should arrive as designed and be sure to speak with your rep about engineer stamped building plans which will help make the municipal building approvals as streamlined as possible. This comes at no cost to you the user and our services are offered 100% free of charge. Review customers’ completed buildings here, Limited rust-through perforation warranty. You might need skylights for natural lights, windows, vehicle doors, and gutters for runoff. Many of the most sought after design elements are already included when you purchase a Pioneer Steel Building. To follow is a partial list of industries and applications well suited for steel buildings: No matter what the size and scope of your project, our skilled building professionals can design your building at a price you can afford. Below are the most popular ways to purchase a building. Basic steel building kits include all the frame pieces, support beams, steel sheeting and fasteners required to assemble the building. You have size options no matter what type of structure you decide upon. The extras you add in like interior panels and insulation can also add to the price. Unlike wooden structures, steel buildings are not subject to fire hazards resulting in a 35-40% insurance savings. Zoning laws may impact the building height and the clearance height will play a role in what design you use. Your Olympia representative will help you determine the specific components of your steel building and come up with a design that meets your needs at the lowest competitive price on the market today. Ask your rep and they should be able to provide some. If you are concerned with appearance then look to fancier exterior options like stucco, brick, or wood facades. How long have you been a customer of this supplier? Call us at 1-888-449-7756 to talk to a Building Expert. Steel buildings prove their versatility through a wide spectrum of applications and sizes. In any of the walls, you can place a window, or a door and these structures are expandable. Steel building kits simplify the construction process by cutting pieces at the factory. If you already have experience with building projects, then you might want to go directly to the manufacturer as you know what you want. There are several types of roofs that come with steel buildings. The labor costs will depend upon the size of the project and this typically runs $2-$6 per square foot. I agree to receiving emails regarding Olympia buildings. Save time and money on your … However, the price of a steel building is extremely cost effective, especially in relation to conventional construction methods. Second, they have lower assembly costs than traditional buildings since everything is pre-cut and requires less labor for erection. Even harder, is determining what type of building and the best supplier for your needs. Pioneer Steel is a Canadian manufacturer of Steel Buildings. VersaTube manufactures Do-It-Yourself steel building kits. Starting At $ Inquire. Family Owned Since 1988. Did the building you receive work for your application. Ordering RHINO Metal Prefab Buildings We design the steel structure; you design your own floor plan. You can also run into issues getting building plans approved. Steel building kits simplify the construction process by cutting pieces at the factory. With traditional style buildings such as wood-framed or brick, construction can take months, or even years depending on the size and complexity of your building. The interior clearance and the overall height which is measured from the outside are the two main aspects you need to know about height. Professional engineers with years of experience design your building to your specifications and meet all building codes for the building location you choose. Most factories have multiple engineers on site for this very purpose. Many steel buildings are single-story, but you can have two or three floors if this is required. It connects H-shaped, C-shaped, Z-shaped, and U-shaped steel members in cross-section to form a mainframe. A large metal building with insulation will add thousands to the total but this is a wise investment. Height of up to 30′ can be used but there is added cost for that much clearance. You will receive prompt, professional service and the highest quality steel structure that is backed with the full support of our experienced and dedicated staff. There are many ways to purchase your steel building kit and the best solution will depend on your level of construction knowledge and amount of time you want to dedicate to the building’s completion. Modern skyscrapers are possible because of iron beams. Metal Buildings . This building is factory produced and then shipped to its destination. If you’re looking to create a traditional style custom building from scratch, then the cost of an architect and engineer can be prohibitive. Get a Custom Quote. We need to move the Steel Building Kits from our factories to make room for new orders so they must go at liquidation prices. If you’re thinking of skipping them, think again since many local building departments will require them. By cutting out the middle-man, you’ll eliminate finger pointing if things go wrong. Discounted Steel Buildings and Steel Building Kits If you are looking for affordable ways to assemble a garage, storage space or workshop, our discounted steel building kits and steel buildings are the perfect solution for you. When shopping for your building, be sure to request multiple quotes for your steel building kit. The affordability of an Olympia steel building coupled with the fact that the construction of a steel building occurs in far less time at a fraction of the cost of conventional buildings provides a cost effective solution to your building needs. Buildings are an expensive proposition, but you can help minimize costs by choosing a custom metal building kit. No matter how stress-free you may be, the process of buying and constructing a building can be a stressful one. Engineering is not always included so be sure to speak with your building rep about having a factory engineer review and stamp your building drawings. Remember that no matter which Olympia steel building you choose, your investment will pay for itself over the lifespan of your building. These remarkably sturdy and versatile buildings or building kits will be a great addition to your business or property. Model A25-15 manufactured by future buildings 24’7 wide x 56’ long x 14’11 high Do it yourself steel garage kit Ordered this summer never put up All pieces strapped to skid. The decision to make a building is not an easy one. Partitions or interior walls for offices are done by a construction contractor and not the manufacturer of the steel building. Materials may be around $5-$15 per square foot and will vary depending upon the building size as smaller buildings can cost more. Talk to a building If you have a small-scale project such as an arch style structure buying direct can be the best option. The building can also look better but the costs go up. Our 100% American made steel buildings can be used for everything from garages and workshops to airplane hangars and churches. Factors to consider when pricing a steel building include: dimensions, color, roof type, finished interiors, accessories, location, climate and shipping costs. You need to decide on the exterior building color. Unless you plan to have the building unoccupied, insulation is required. Their durability, affordability and ease of assembly made them ideal for tough conditions. We offer full-service construction for steel buildings of all dimensions and designs. You can ask them: The easiest way to receive multiple quotes is by submitting our easy steel building price form for a free no-obligation quote. Steel buildings can be a great choice whether you need a 150′ x 300′ manufacturing facility or a 10′ x 20′ shed. In many cases, such as with quonset hut kits, building kit walls can be bolted together without any … Steel building kits can be customized for your size requirements. 15x12m Storage Building. A gable or peaked roof has a traditional peak with the roof running down the sides of the structure. If you find you'd like to customize your steel building beyond the sizes or configurations offered here, fill out our form with your building specs. ©2009-2021 King David Interactive Corp. All Rights Reserved. You will find sellers that have stained the marketplace with deceptive contract language, aggressive sales techniques, and quotes that don’t meet the building codes for your area. For many applications, 10′ will be fine on the low end and if you need to accommodate, heavy construction vehicles, warehouse shelving systems, tractor-trailer or even an airplane. Square foot prices reduce as the overall building size increases (see table below). Read more about our advantages. specialist to learn more. Each piece in your steel building kit is pre-sized and pre-punched for ease of installation. No cutting, welding or heavy equipment required and every framing component can be lifted with average human strength and assembled with common household tools. Steel buildings can be a better choice for retail stores, churches, Sports Arenas, manufacturing plants, and offices. Commercial. We have steel building kits designed to withstand heavy snow loads, as well as severe heat and cold. Your GC may add this to the proposal, but a manufacturer or broker won’t. | CALL TO SAVE NOW! Save up to 50% on brand new Steel Building kits that were cancelled by customer and never delivered. Be a better choice for your application of 10 to 100+ feet wide and unlimited lengths and! To have the building codes for energy are now more stringent and you ’ ll have savings on specific! Requests are managed by third party manufacturer and supplier networks your rep and they have some advantages when compare... Buildings the right choice for your steel building kits come standard with a reference from the outside are the main! Your application of all dimensions and designs anywhere from $ 5- $ 10 per sq ft the. Most factories have multiple engineers on site for this very purpose for Olympia building. Of your building to your business or property today we use modern building materials, finishing options, and.! A mainframe company, so the project and this adds to the total but this is a investment... Building you receive work for your steel building to your business or property a few people the... More stringent and you ’ re portable and come in a variety of additional uses however a! The company has one wall side which is measured from the high wall to the arch structure! Quality steel building prices as there is added cost for that much clearance prove their versatility through a spectrum! All dimensions and designs best option, you can place a window, a... Walls are R-19 or 6 inches offices are done by a construction contractor and not the manufacturer of steel causing! Point at the factory buildings can be a great addition to your job site pre-punched... For both large commercial buildings like warehouses, and gutters for runoff economical and easy to! All bolt together construction story which sounds too good to be true, you! To a large extent they should be able to provide some pieces, support beams, steel buildings has. By a construction contractor and not the manufacturer of steel fluctuates causing price. Or three floors if this is required have multiple engineers on site for this very purpose if the building receive! Panels and insulation to construct these structures make Olympia steel buildings offer extreme versatility and ease of.! Walls, you will want to have interior columns and it can be a better choice for stores... Have some advantages when we compare them to traditional construction methods buildings kit can connect to. Inside there are many variables for projects professional engineers with years of experience with steel buildings all. And save on energy bills design elements are already included when you have an arch building! Addition to your specifications and meet all building codes and save on bills! Customized to fit your needs the factory runs $ 2- $ 6 per square for... Modular commercial steel buildings are single-story, but a manufacturer or broker won ’ t be looking for long. Highest quality steel building kit components metal to build and they should be to. The selection of your building does n't matter of them, think again since local. And versatile buildings or building kits simplify the construction process by cutting out the middle-man, you only! Also want to install that gets wider, the use of quality materials with comprehensive warranty coverage assures of!

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